Saturday, July 31, 2010

toys Rx

henro circa 2007
aka "dr baby"

hospitals, doctors, their offices & shots...
these are a few of my favorites.  NOT!!!!!!!!!

mom o' the year finally managed to bring henro in for his four year wellness checkup.  for those keeping score:  he'll make wishes on five candles in less than two months.  nonetheless, he went through the appointment like a champ.  i, on the other hand, was a complete basket case and started worrying several days in advance about the dreaded vaccinations...FOUR OF THEM.  ugh to the nth degree.

i still remember making a terribly embarrassing scene for georgie at hamilton medical group when it came time for my shots as a child, so i feared i was reaaaaaaaaally in for it.  karma's a bish, you know?!  boy, was i in for a tears, no screaming bloody murder, no attempts to run outta the room.  henro did pretty well through it, too.  lol!

while divine intervention surely didn't hurt (pun intended), i have a hunch my promising a post-appt visit to geoffrey giraffe had a lil something to do with perfect patient performance.

"went to the pediatrician's office and all i got was this lousy..."
just kidding:)  he was very essited & appreciative.
who is this child & what has he done with henro?!


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