Tuesday, July 6, 2010

pillow top

can i get a "hay-ull yeah!" for the end of pillow sharing, hanging off the edge of a twin bed & wrastling for covers all night long?! someone got a BIG bed in his room this week.

fi's been a busy bee planning the transformation of their guest bedroom into a mack daddy play area for ami & boo boo, hence our inheriting the sleigh. apparently henro has been pondering the state of affairs at his cousins' crib...

"what if fi had free twins and they didn't have that customer bed?" translation: "what if fi had three twins and no guest bed?"

it dawned on me that perhaps he meant three twin beds, not three twin cousins (triplets?)...that we'd traded his twin for the queen, making a grand total of three twin beds where his cuz's stay. so i pryed for more info...

"no, free twin babies. where are they gonna sleep if there's no customer bed?"

good question, but prolly safe to assume that having enough "customer beds" would be the last thing on fi's mind if she added "free twins" to her equation.

ps. for those keeping score, he's averaging a bed per year...crib, firetruck, twin & queen. i'm sure it's just a matter of time before he claims the master king as his own. it would only be fitting. stay tuned...

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