Saturday, July 3, 2010

indy eve

just a few snippets from today's edition o' henro chatter...

"iss called a side walk, so i gotta walk.  iss not a side run."  noted while in transit from the truck to the pool this afternoon.  clearly a lesson was learned during our previous visit when running on the walk resulted in a wipeout, skinned knee & buzz bandaid.

"what language is that boy?...he won't talk...maybe i can use sign language?"  regarding the hispanic looking child splashing about near h in the pool.  several questions were also raised regarding the kiddo's skin color & why god makes people "like that."  omg.  twas handled well & properly diffused, if i must say so myself, but thank gawd the boy's parents weren't sitting within earshot!

"if i have any races at school are you gonna cheer for me?" completely outta the blue.  to answer your question, child:  ummm, yeaaaaaa, have you met me?!? 


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