Wednesday, July 21, 2010

still six

our final day in sunny southern cali was spent surrounded by animals & creatures of all shapes and sizes, and i'm not just talkin about those on exhibit.  what a people watcher's dream!  clinton & stacy would have a blast:  crimes of fashion for days, if not 'til the end of time.  my fave observation was that clearly a large percentage of tourists believe fanny packs are acceptable, particularly if they're a designer knockoff.  wrong.

back to the matter at hand...twas another great day of vacation, complete with more henroisms & related entertainment.  most notably, he'd NOT forgotten the lil driving school scandal of the previous day. it came up several times, and my favorite instance was blurted out of the blue during lunch:

"what do i have to do when i'm at the six game & they ask how old i am?"

i'm oh, sooooo proud of encouraging my preschooler to deceive. mom o' the year i am.

legoland came up quite a bit throughout our day at the zoo.  aside from several mentions of his driver's license & being six, he proclaimed that "all of these pretend things around here make this look like a zoo."  lol.

"who's the star of the place at the whole zoo?"  we'll let you decide.  here are some clues...
note to self:  sunglasses + cap = willie wonka look

often he seemed way more interested in our rides than the amazing creatures seen while touring.  shocker.

chalk up another "been there, done that."  and, boy, did we get the gear to prove it:

of alllllllllll the gadgets, goodies & garb in the kids' shop, he demanded nothing but the zookeeper getup.  of course, his theme crazed momma couldn't resist (and was immensely proud of his selection!)


Elle said...

I found your site on Twitter Moms. Your trip looks like it was a lot fun. I can't wait to take my girls to the zoo. One just overcame the fear of hippos. Stop by my site:

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