Thursday, July 22, 2010


as many of you know, the past few years i've been a sales rep for a children's clothing line.  just ducky originals is a fabulous company based in asheville, north carolina, and twice yearly i host trunk shows with parties at the homes of friends, family & yours truly, plus i set up at a couple local kid-nesses.

JD offers a classic range of customizeable kiddo clothes, made exclusively to order.  you can mix & match fabrics in various styles, add monograms, embroideries & trims to create ridonkulously cute outfits for your whole bunch of littles.  it's such a beautiful thing because (1) you can coordinate the kids in styles appropriate for their various ages and (2) you can create garments that are uniquely your own, unlike most other home show lines.

i'm in the process of planning my fall/winter 2010 trunk show for late august/early september, and will soon begin sharing specifics regarding dates, times & locations.  in the meantime, please click here to check out the newest collection.

Lafayette, LA trunk show ~ August 18 through September 5

if you're interested in hosting a party - and earning FREE CLOTHES - please let me know.  it's a fabulous line to represent, and i absolutely love sharing it with my friends & your ducklings :)


Nicole said...

Thanks for following! I'm following you on twitter but I don't see anywhere to follow your blog.

Are you from Lafayette? I'm not too far from there. I used to be even closer, right on the Mis-Lou line! Their clothes are adorable! I would love to review some! Lol.


Nicole said...

Well, I see your twitter is protected, so really...I can't follow you at all. Lol. You should install Google Friend Connect.

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