Friday, July 30, 2010


i've been doing some em'iniscing & looking back through photos of my precious just ducklings & the adorable clothes we've created for them.  if i must say so myself, we've built some fabulous wardrobes these past few years!

as my next just ducky show nears, i thought i'd share several of my favorite designs...and maybe just a few pics of henro :)

due to the ridonkulously high volume of snapshots on mimi's macbook (haven't even touched the library on our dinosaur desktop pc!), i'll limit this entry to include only designs from past fall/winter collections...
"rudolph lab" embroidery option...
loved those crimmus jammies!!!
...and loved our shirt with "rudolph bunkie" (our choc lab)
holiday jammies are always a MUST...
jd's are just as cuddly & comfy as they are cute!
our all time fave embroidered cords...FOOTBALLS!
perfect with his lsu jersey or a "pio red" polo :)
jd's baseball tees are always GREAT!
stay tuned for more fall/winter...and, MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, just ducky spring/summer threads.


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