Wednesday, July 7, 2010


last mention of my lonestar state friend & her dynamic duo was posted shortly after one of the twinkies had a tonsillectomy.  an update on their status of affairs in the days since:
  • "i'm gonna be so mad if you play with my toys.  i will be curious!"
  • explaining renewable resources to a four year old on pain meds is torturous.  i did learn something.  plex, the robot on yo gabba, can actually create water.  i'd like to invest in a couple of those for the future.
  • thankful for nick jr at 2am.  pain meds, an orange push, and more yelling at mom...
  • it is now past 11 and jabberjaws has neosporin smeared all over his face like greasy cold cream for some unknown reason & thinks i am amused by chicken crossing the road jokes.  he insists on drinking his drink with a syringe slowly.  hydrocodone may help his pain but it is killing me.
  • ever drive out of the driveway after a long day to accomplish one last errand and wish you could just keep driving for a little while to get some space or quiet or something untangeable?  i need a tree house where no one can ask me for one more thing
  • (the patient) seems to be turning a corner this morning!  last night was rough but today is looking up!  so happy, guess i won't run away just yet!
hang in there, my friend!  please know that if/when you decide to run away, i expect a phone call AND the chance to ride shotgun ;)


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