Saturday, July 31, 2010

nite nite

the big boys stayed over at the fishin' camp last night, so henro & i packed up 782962896 toys, our pjs & toofbrushes, and headed to fi's for a slumber party with boo boo & ami.  all survived, but let's just say behavior wasn't as sweet & innocent & calm & adorable as depicted in the following snapshots from "the good ol' days"...

happy birfday!
backseat buddies, circa oh eight
fast forward a couple years & it's pandemonium...super hero versus bag guy, 6892042906 "men" and their wheels, and lots of running & jumping & wrastling & yelling & hugging & fighting & high-fiving & virtually nonstop miscellaneous NOISE.

someone please remind us to (1) pack earplugs and (2) drive through the frozen sun en route to our next cousins' sleepover...IF/when that happens :)

ps.  chaos aside, henro & i had fun and loved waking up to see their awesome bedheads & cutie patootie faces!


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