Thursday, July 1, 2010


we interrupt today's regularly scheduled programming to bring you a couple smile provoking tidbits compliments of my "wonder mom" friends' little charges...

one of our texas pals underwent a tonsillectomy this morning. surgery went well & (as of press time) he's in recovery, but not without some pre-"silly juice" anticipatory tears & protesting. rightfully so, as last night his twin attempted to essplain how things would go down..."they cut out off your head, pull them out & then put your head back on really really fast."  awesome.

the dynamic duo...

meanwhile, near my old stompin' grounds in the magnolia state, another super mom was watching "drop dead diva" with one of her littles.  when the lead character kissed her boyfriend, my friend's kiddo promptly responded, "that's gross, but it's not gross when you kiss daddy 'cause you're not like fat or anything."  said comment was regarded by her momma as perhaps the sweetest compliment anyone could ever give.  i must concur.  take notes, henro.

Drop Dead Diva: The Complete First Season


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