Monday, May 17, 2010


henro's been on a superhero kick for a while and has accumulated quite a collection of action figures, tees, dvd's, undies, coloring books, fruit snacks, swim gear, etc. if it's got spidey, batman, iron man, wolverine, the hulk (aka "honk" to boo boo), or any of the justice league on or associated with it...we've got it.

accordingly, this came as no surprise: "you know what i wanna be when i grow up? ... do they have a spiderman in this town? ... well, i'm gonna be him."
but then there was today's declaration: "i wanna be right to a college or school."

on one hand, lots of money will be saved on tuition expenses. on the other, very little money will be earned & saved to fund supermom's nursing home expenses in a few years.  awesome.

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