Wednesday, May 19, 2010

mom'ry lane

you-know-who & his sidekick are staying over with geogie & pop tonight - bless their souls.  accordingly, the volume is much lower in my environment, and i have full control over tv (yay!!!).  as i catch up with my friend DVR, i thought i'd take a little stroll down memory lane.  the following were "pre-blog" facebook posts of mine, and date back to april 1.  fool's day.  kinda appropriate, huh?
  • the little punk is "very more tired."  ummm, yeah. been there 4.5+ years.
  • we're occupying one cushion on the "3 cushion" couch, BUT i'm lovin' some cuddle time :)
  • watching henro sweep the garage. he is sooooo georgie's grandson!
  • who the hay debates bath time with a 4 year old at 9:56pm on a friday nite?  (i do! i do!  ugh...)
  • two couches, three chairs, an ottomon, and plenty floor space, yet he insists on sharing my favorite perch.  love him, just wish he didn't feel like my conjoined twin at the moment.
  • just had an "omg, i'm somebody's mom!" moment.  completely random, out o' the blue.
  • o' the year qualification #578290436890478920: we've almost mastered a mother/son duet to "gold digger"...henro's got jamie's part down, but my kanye still needs some work.
  • my poor sweet boy & our bipolar music selections..."is this k-bon?" no, boo, it's kanye. 
(yes, we've been on a bit of a kanye kick)
  • "but how you get that pitcher on there?"  volunteers to essplain to henro how pictures of our friends & family are online???  preferably without planting any seeds that might lead him towards figuring out how to post pics hisself.  fanks.
  • (mimi) is spent.  lil punk is full throttle and anti quiet, anti bath, anti shirt, anti supper...he's basically pro "let's push momma right to the edge." good times.
  • (mimi) is being showered with kisses, cuddles and "you're the best mommy i ever had"...better brace myself for the flipside of said actions.  i heart my little eddie haskell.
  • "ma dont want ma wanna wear ma feet" boo's response when i told him to put on his crocs before going outside.
  • "hey, mom, u know what i just heard on boo boo's radio? burger king has, um, burger king has sandwiches now." good to know.
  • (mimi) is bananas exhausted, hopefully not to the point that i can't sleep.  HATE when that happens.  a normal person would've gone to bed by now.  i'm getting you-know-who out of the tub.  mom o' the...decade?!? (posted at 10:32pm)
  • "look mom, his BUTT moves"...referring to his phineas action figure.  fantabulous broadening of our vocabulary.
  • ...watching the squeakquel and eating power pellets with the boss.  life is good and we're having a great day...moderate amount of talking & questions, overall good behavior & few (if any) shenanigans.  and i probably just jinxed myself for the evening portion of today's show.  stay tuned.
  • i love dem saints, but realize there must come a time when a 35 year old mother stops using "stand up & get crunk" as her ringtone.  off to remedy DAT...
  • just finished a good tub soakin'...unlocked & opened the door to find jabberjaws sprawled on the floor right outside the bathroom.  "oh, i was just talking about you."  after the day we've had, i'm soooo not surprised.  record day o'talking. 
  • "is boo boo gonna come over? how bout u send fi a text message or somefing?"
  • "i will kiss you and i will hug you and i will never let you go." atta boy.
  • ...allowed m&m's for breakfast. shocker, i know.
  • ...thought about making the "I'm preggers" announcement today, but you fools are much too smart to fall for that. (april 1, 2010)


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