Monday, May 3, 2010


i'm scheduled to visit nashville later this week to attend "cookbook university," an annual conference put on by the publisher of our junior league of lafayette cookbooks.  this will be my second participation in the seminar, but it's being held at a different hotel this year.  that decision was made months ago.  my rookie cookbook u was at the gaylord opryland resort, which isn't exactly having the best week:

perhaps frp has esp?  seriously.

ps.  thoughts & prayers go out to all those affected by the horrible weather & floods!


Shelly said...

What a cute little guy you have - mine is 15 now, and yours makes me wish mine was still little.

alanaransley said...

Are you guys coming out with a new cookbook? I have all the ones that have been published so far, and love them.

henro's momma said...

no new books, just a selling the four we've got :)

the trend has been to do a new one approximately every 10 years, and it's been almost 5 years since "something to talk about" was published.

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