Sunday, May 30, 2010

kellie & keith & taylor, oh my!

day one of bayou fest was fantabulous!

we laughed at ourselves early on, as grown, semi-responsible adults should know better than to stand out in the rain...on metal flooring...but we didn't melt nor get struck by any bolts from above, and the sun came out just in time for miss pickler. didn't hurt that refreshments were plentiful & easily accessible.

additionally, mimi now has a new obsession - not quite as ridonkulous as that of KC - but ahh looooooove keith & the fact that he played wearing an lsu tee...

we're about to embark on day two. stay tuned for pics of our dancing beer guy and the ronnie dunn look alike dude.  oh, and kenny details...whose people are staying in our hotel...last night we rode an elevator & had a brief conversation with kenny's right hand man, tambo. oh em gee, huh?!? :)

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