Wednesday, May 12, 2010

bookin' it

"i run with a fabulous circle of people."  yes, i stole jill zarin's opening line, but it's just so true.  and while my circles are many & all over the place, some intersect each other, and a couple look more like pretzels at times, i absolutely love my people.  sadly, i don't see many of 'em nearly enough, but i'm blessed with a guarantee of hanging with several o' my chickadees on a monthly basis...9 months out of the year...on a tuesday night.  junior league.  yes, i'm one of "those."  and no, "those" are not at all like what civilians often assume...well, mostly...but we'll save that for another day, another entry.  or not.

anywho...we've just marked the end of another league year & celebrated lotsa accomplishments & the passing of gavels, batons, etc at our annual dinner.  in my case, it was the passing of a wooden spoon, per se.  which is kinda scary considering mimi doesn't cook...yet now she's in charge of the entire cookbook committee!!  who the heck made that placement decision?!? seriously.  still, i think i'm ready, and i owe it all to the fabulous JLL women i've worked & played with the past couple of years.

thanks for an amazing year, my fabulous friends!  hugs & kisses & love to you all...muah!

now...who wants to buy a cookbook???? 


Mary said...

Love, love, love this!

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