Tuesday, October 5, 2010

write on

mo'nature graced us with lots o' incredible weather this week, so henro & i took advantage of the blue skies and lower temps by spending most afternoons outdoors.  while the kiddo still enjoys taking his wheels for spins around the cul de sac, these days he's much more interested in taking chalk to the driveway & demonstrating his blossoming penmanship & "artistic" expressions.  
"how do you write destruction?"  
write what?  
"destruction.  i wanna write henry's destruction site."  lol...never has a truer description been made of our humble abode.  for reals.
yeah, definitely need work on proper letter placement.

as ridonkulously busy & geekazoid as i am, i decided to set up shop & knock out some scanning i needed to do for a pre-k4 auction project...
step inside outside my office...
bailey boo, project supervisor


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