Sunday, October 17, 2010


it's been bugging me, REALLY bugging me, how little i've blogged the past couple of months.  not because i haven't had anything to share, i simply haven't had much time to share it.  busy doesn't begin to describe the state of affairs 'round here since mid-august.  at times it borders on pandemonium, yet somehow we survive & keep on truckin'. that i've kinda sorta got a chance (albeit 15 minutes or less, and at a time when i should be asleep), i thought i'd take a look & catalog some of what i've been stressing over accomplishing (and why my house remains a disaster area) in lieu of posting blog entries:
  • to date, my most successful just ducky originals home show.  two weeks, nine parties, seventy something orders, and a touch more than $17,000 in merchandise added to the closets of lil cajun cuties.  buh nan uhs.  loads of fun, but not my most genius idea to schedule a show during the first two weeks of school.  note to self:  never again.
  • henro's 5th birthday & 57428940 celebrations to include & accommodate all the most important, special peeps in our lives.  jump zone.  lunch at school.  class cupcakes.  alesi.  lots and lots and lots of sugar and presents.  transforming transformers is not my thing.  i repeat:  transforming transformers is not my thing.  hear that, henro?!?  
  • 47682905647289062 hours (give or take a few) of junior league meetings, work & more meetings as chair of the cookbook committee...including, but not limited to countless drop ship requests, petit article edits, email from darlene, taste treat assignments, reprint contract revisions, advisory council discussions, t&t booth shifts, cookbook gatherings, monthly reports, finance council meetings, reimbursement approvals, general meetings, and a partridge in a pear tree.  huh?
  • boo boo's 3rd birthday & 7628962 celebrations to include & accommodate all the most important, special peeps in his sweet life.  jump zone.  cookie cake at school.  build-a-bear.  gumbo at georgie's.  cupcakes from henro.  lots & lots & lots of sugar & superheroes.  but, fank goodness, NO transformers!!
  • 120 minutes of pilates evolution per week.  love, love, love that workout and the brief escape it affords my brain.  bonus points for corresponding strengthening & toning.
  • keeping up with school happenings as mom to henro & his class.  chapel on wednesday mornings.  special afternoon snacks.  coordinating parent volunteers.  decorating for fall.  fire station field trip.  rockin' auction photos & projects and hours & hours & hours of work on the pre-k4 crawfish table o' mudbugs with the kids' prints.
  • ten days of georgie & pop outta town with limited cell coverage.  ten days that felt like six months.  seriously.  i heart my sister for helping with henro & relieving us from takeout a couple nights.
  • working the party circuit.  the birfday party circuit.  i never dreamed age five would involve such a booming social life...and so much time at jump zone.  thankfully, chaz e fromage's joint hasn't been a popular venue for the pre-k crowd.  ah lay lou yer.  and now i've jinxed myself.
  • struggling with domestic engineering, but (hopefully) nailing the momma bit every now & then.  as long as my most-of-the-time sweet boy is happy & healthy, who cares if laundry piles up, beds go unmade & meals involve phone calls and/or drive-thru's?  evidentally we've got plenty clothes & zero qualms with disorder & french fries.
so here i am.  while certainly not bored, nor looking for things to do, i'm definitely feeling a tad more at ease & less spinning out of control at ninety mph.  until tomorrow, that is :)


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