Sunday, October 24, 2010

ami eve

thought i'd do a little em-iniscing & take a look back at october 24, 2009...the day before boo boo & henro were dethroned by the world's most precious little princess.

the big news o' the day was someone's first game day at death valley.  little did we know, purple & gold essitment would get trumped a thousand times over by 4678290627 shades of pink the next day!  nonetheless...

golden child, meet golden band
henro's movin' on the east (upper) side...
lol :)
final score:
tigers - 31
auburn - 10
fun with henro - 7524896083960273890

side note:  UBER depressing that it was cool enough for long sleeves & jackets last october 24th, yet today it was in the eighties.  seriously, mo'nature!!!


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