Saturday, October 2, 2010

where there's a will

...there's a BIRTHDAY!  our sweet friends couldn't have ordered better weather for the celebration of willzer's fifth.  it was a glorious day, especially with regards to the company kept!

how are they already FIVE?!?
my precious, glowing friend
we really must get together with this dude more often!
kissy kissy, birfday daddy & sissy.  awwwwwww
"blizzard maker...blizzard maker...blizzard maker..."
beware o' the CLAW
happy birthday, will...great party!!!!


Amy said...

We are so lucky to have friends like you and Henro. Thank you so much, Em, for helping to make our celebration so nice and our memories so sweet. Wouldn't be the same without ya. These pictures are so great.Love ya!

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