Saturday, October 2, 2010

balancing act

mom o' the year qualification #76289506478906:  henro doesn't have a "big boy" bike.  he's got practically every other ride-on and/or wheeled toy known to man, yet never graduated from his suped-up schwinn trike...until his 5th birfday, compliments of georgie & pop.  ta dah...
georgie & pop have the perfect slope for crash tests practice runs
look, pedals!  he's doing GREAT with his balance bike :)
boo boo got new wheels for his bday, too!
if all goes according to plan, come december the little monkeys should be ready to take off on "real" big boy bikes - sans training wheels.  hopefully (1) santa has room on the sleigh and (2) the kiddos' behavior will warrant crimmus loot.  fingers crossed...


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