Saturday, October 23, 2010


henro's first official homework assignment was to write or bring a picture of something he's thankful for.  or, in his vocab, "fankful for" (try saying that a dozen times, fast).

not to discredit h or his counterparts, but i have a hunch mrs l strongly encouraged the kids not to answer a toy or gadget.  still...

as luck would have it, the children presented their "thankful's" at the very end of friday, right after they finished their special letter c snack...and I got to watch!

the kiddos were precious & several triggered my tear ducts with their sentiments...even especially henro, who told the class he's "fankful for my family because i love them."

it was the best ending to what had been a ridonkulously crazy, busy, sick & stressful week.  fanks, sweet boy, i love u & i'm so incredibly fankful for YOU :)

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