Friday, April 30, 2010

til we drop

this might come as a complete shock, but i kinda dig online shopping.  accordingly, i've found myself upon many, many, MANY email distribution lists for notifications of special sales, coupon codes, and the always irritating, "hey, remember us?  come spend some money, we have stuff!"

as mother's day nears (may 9th...a week from sunday for those of you with less than great memory banks), my inbox is flooded with lots of deals for the upcoming holiday (plus a few non-mom deals here & there).  i looooooooove to share a great deal, so here goes...

fabulous lotions & potions.  their sugar scrubs are to die for.  
my fave scents are "sugar kiss" and "brown sugar souffle"

please disregard the use of kate gosselin in their ad 
(although, she is a mom & prolly needs the extra 
dough to feed allllllll those lil faces o' hers...
dancin' didn't work out, after all).  
it's a great site for designer jeans & 20% off kinda rocks.

i heart just ducky.  it's a GREAT children's line & employs some fabulous moms as sales representatives & area coordinators.  lol ;)

more to come...


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