Tuesday, April 27, 2010

junior ducky

fi gets loads of credit for this one, as i didn't hear it with my own ears, but she's definitely earned ample street cred in the area of regurgitating henro-isms :)

anywho...it seems most of my "extra" (lmao) time is devoted to doing work for either junior league or just ducky originals.  momma goes to lots of meetings & hauls & displays & orders lots of clothes, so it's easy to see how the lines between my volunteer and "work" endeavors might get hazy in the mind of a four year old.

not long ago, shortly after receiving my spring/summer just ducky orders, henro was sporting one of his new outfits & fi commented to him that she liked his shirt.  i still laugh when i imagine him responding to her...

"fanks, my mom got it at the junior league."


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