Tuesday, April 27, 2010


the past couple days have been ridonkulously long & hard & challenging & flat out mentally exhausting. i've teetered on the edge of completely losing it more times than i care to admit (see facebook if you wanna count), and i'm convinced i'll require blood pressure meds by week's end if the momentum continues. all that said, precious moments still occur, always in the nick of time.

just a few minutes ago, as i was struggling to shampoo the wiggle worm, he started belting out the opening song from the "lightmen nuh queen" movie...smiling his best smile & looking me straight in the eyes as he totally butchered the sheryl crowe tune in his precious little voice. tears flooded to my eyes (as they are now as i touch type) & a huge lump filled my throat. he's not gonna be little forever & it's going by way too fast. i've gotta savor the moments, regardless how frustrating some might be. cheesy as that song goes, i really am gonna miss all this some day!

post bath shenanigans:

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