Thursday, April 29, 2010

thirsty thursday

mimi CAN'T WAIT to go to rhythms on the river this evening.  i think marcia ball is this week's entertainment.  for all i care, it could be joe blow playing "music" with a wooden spoon & magnalite pot.  momma just needs a cocktail & some time with friends (she also needs to stop referring to herself in third person, but that's another issue for another day).

why am i so weary at this point?  more weary than usual, i must add.  let's take a stroll down this week's facebook wall...

  •  "momma is really frustrated right you want me to lose my patience & cry?"....without hesitation, "uh huh"....seriously????   (side note:  i was finally driven to tears on wednesday night.  boy watched for a couple minutes, then hugged onto my legs.  sweet, but too little too late.  momma was beyond done at that point.)
  • mom of the year qualification #58920748926: henro's 4 year well checkup has yet to occur. he's now closer to (age) 5 than 4.
  • "whatcha doin?" huh? "whatcha lookin' at?' now i can't even look out my window without an inquisition. perfect.
  • thisclose to losing it.  the boy wasn't enough, so iphoto decided to join the "let's suck up what remains of em's patience" campaign.
  • love being interrogated by a 4 1/2 yr old after my phone conversations. raise your hand if you know pig latin...otherwise, please contact me via text or fb or email until the lil sucker learns to read.
  • "what means die?" oh, dear lord. so much for a mindless friday nite watching 'toons & playing wwf*
just a sampling.  my stomach actually hurts from reading through the entire week.  cheers. 

*words with friends...the latest iphone app i'm hooked on.


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