Monday, April 26, 2010


although many of you are familiar with the players & language in my world, i felt compelled to compile an abridged glossary for those who aren't as clued in (or mimi-savvy)...
  • henro: my child's name is henry (duh), but somewhere along the way we started calling him henro. not all of us, not all the time. he gets "henry james" a lot these days.  that's not a good thing.
  • mimi: dat's me! a nickname only my maternal grandparents have used throughout my 29 (wink, wink) years, has been revived since i became an aunt/godmother. i heart little voices saying "mimi." well, except when they're saying "mimi, not talka you!" and the like.  (side note: if you are not part of the short list already allowed to call me mimi, don't start.  i won't answer & it grates on my nerves BIG TIME.  really.  i'm not kiddin')  
  • fi: pronounced "fee." my fabulous sister. since i was mimi, our grandfather labeled her "fifi" at birth. it only seemed appropriate (and a tad mortifying to mom). use of the name has been sporadic throughout her 29 (wink, wink) years, yet seems to be her most widely used handle as an adult. despite continuous efforts to instate "nanny" for henro's purposes, she remains his fi.  i kinda dig it.
  • boo boo: christian.  my adorable godchild & fi's firstborn. henro's partner in crime & bestest bud. for all practical purposes, my second child, born two years & one week after my first. he's full of personality & says lots of hilarious stuff. love him to pieces.
  • ami: amelie. the precious little angel who entered our lives in october oh nine. my daughter. ok, not really, but i play like she is for the fun stuff. she really belongs to boo boo and fi and uncle blake. mimi has LOTS of great things in store for ami in the years to come! for now, i just spoil her & admire the cuteness.  hopefully she'll start bossing the boys around before too long. they kinda need it.
  • georgie & pop: god's gift to grandchildren. parents of fi & mimi.  they rock. mimi would be locked up or in a psych ward were it not for their frequent assistance with henro.  they live 1.5 miles from mi casa.  score.
  • the wdb: "whole damn bunch." collectively, the above mentioned characters plus two son in-laws. sometimes includes mama ("maw maw"...georgie's mom, mimi & fi's g'mother, great g'mother to the littles). lots of wdb outings occur, 99% typically foster blog-worthy material. stay tuned.
(wdb minus henro & boo boo)
  • fink & fanks: "think & thanks." henro has issues with "th" words. it's kinda cute. for now. we'll reevaluate if he's still "finking" at age twelve.
  • yook & yammie: "look & lammie." boo boo has issues with "l" words. again, kinda cute. side note: yammie is boo boo's security item, a sweet lamb blanket thingy.
(boo boo & yammie)

that'll do.  you're gonna have to wing it from here.


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