Friday, April 30, 2010

guest stars

i'm pleased to announce the addition of a few you'll not only be subjected to my household chaos, but a couple sweet friends of mine have agreed to let me share some of their "material."  these women are hilarious, incredible mothers.  to my utter amazement & unlike my solo kiddo status, they somehow manage to survive life with multiple munchkins. names will be omitted to protect the innocent.  here's a little taste of what goes down in their worlds...

  • child a: "mom I want to go ride my big wheel."  honey, it is raining and cold.  "well we could wear a rain jacket." child b: "no, I will sing a rain song and it will make the rain go away."   a: "no, the rain will not listen to you because you are being bossy!"  b: "mom, (he) called me bossy"
  • "mom you look beautiful...if you look beautiful for me whole week, i'll give you my money" ...ummm we need to talk about some womens lib...
  • "mommy, do you know what love is? it's never putting your kids in time-out."
  • me (while pointing to a scratch on his hand): "where'd that come from?"  "mommy, I'll tell you where I got that. i got it when a dragon bit me."  mystery solved.
  • grandad: "Jesus is the reason for the season."  kiddo: "yeah, Jesus rose from the dead to do the eggs."
stay tuned for more guest gems...


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