Thursday, September 9, 2010

memba me?

long time no see.  i sooooo regret that i've not blogged in sooooo long, but lately it's taken what minimal amount of energy remains for me to simply function without falling to pieces.  thankfully, i'm at a transition point within the madness, so i can actually come up for a bit of air.  yay.

nonetheless, i'm exhausted beyond belief, so i'm keeping things brief.  just wanted to note a new tendency of the kid.  he recently started adding "i have to tell/ask you something" before most of what comes outta his precious motor little mouth.  tonight...

"mom, i have to tell you something."


"i love you."

while certainly not the funniest or most original words he's spoken, they couldn't have been timed better or appreciated more than at the tail end of what had been a horrendously stressful day.

in the spirit of today's dress code & tonight's big game...i love DAT boy!


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