Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my world

happy 5th birthday to the most cherished blessing in my life.  i love you, henry...to the moon & back...72896072389607289367 times infinity.  you are my everything.  not that proof is necessary, but i heart u so much that i voluntarily posted a pic of myself 40 weeks preggo (i'm already regretting said photo sharing decision, and i've not even published this post yet.  ugh lol)

nonetheless...a stroll down henry lane.  2010 birfday edition:

09.20.05...W&C bound, looking FANTABULOUS and
surprisingly cool, calm, collected & nice.  crazy shocking, i know.
09.21.05...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HENRO...bruises & all!
it "only" took 4 hrs & 14 min of "and..1, 2, 3, 4..." for
me to figure out i was no longer running the show :)
blinked my eyes & he was ONE...and all about being #1!
then - i swear - a week later he turned TWO...
and a tad bit obsessed with blue & her clues.
"free" came awfully fast, yet equally cute :)
four was hot diggety doggone GREAT!
what a ride it's been!  five years have flown by way, way, WAAAAAAAAAAAY too fast.  what's the hurry, boy?!   slow it down.  please.  there's lots more crazy in store for us while you're little ;)

stay tuned for details from the little monster's angel's big day...


Blair said...

Happy birthday, Henry! Precious pictures!

Time really does go by way too quickly. Where was this when we were miserable in High School? Or was that just me? :)

And Em, you looked fantastic pregnant!

Mary said...

Love it Emily, so cute!

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