Wednesday, August 18, 2010

kay four

henro's school year is off to a fantastic start!  i've received such great reports from his teacher the past two days that i'm almost questioning if she's got the right kid pegged as mine.  perfect behavior.  listens & follows instructions.  sits still.  HUH?!?!?!  assuming she is, in fact, talkin bout my monster little darling, i'm majorly proud.  

now for a pictorial account of day one o' unabridged pictorial account.  lol ;)

check.  check.  check.  now for the fun part...
master henro, this is your wakeup call.
he's entirely too happy in the morning to be my child.  seriously.
mama's boy.  oh, how i love him so!!
henro has left the building.
let's roll.
ta dah!
scouting new turf
henro's PRECIOUS teacher.  we already love her!
yay!  a new friend (and snappy dresser).  cue mom's exit.
fast forward 5.5 hours...during which time i breakfasted (huh?) with several great new mom friends, got my p+ev on, finished up some junior league & just ducky shenanigans work, and made at least one cc's run.  solo productivity is a beautiful thing. 

bring on car line...or not.  georgie & mimi parked and retrieved the star student on foot...
hey, there!  how was your day?  did you make some new
friends? what did you learn?  was it fun?  did you eat lunch?
you know the drill...
"georgie, why are you here?"  asked in the nicest of ways, of course.
cheese!!! speaking of...let's hit mcd's, i'm hungry!
from start to finish, it was a great day!  well, except for the parts when i felt as though both arms were missing and sobbed my eyes out.  that kinda sucked.  BUT...i survived and couldn't be prouder of my big boy!
the love of my life.  i heart you, sweet boy!


Angie Doss said...

Oh, Emily! That's so great that he had a good first day of school. We don't have babies any more, do we? Jackson has been going to daycare his entire life and I still got sentimental on Monday because I was thinking, "This is his last year before big school." And it absolutely breaks my heart.

henro's momma said...

they're growing up ENTIRELY too fast!!!

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