Tuesday, September 21, 2010

gimme five

i heart birfdays & love to keep the good times rolling for as long as possible.  accordingly, we didn't stop partying for henro's 5th with the jumpzone shindig, as it merely jump started (pun absolutely intended) a super fantabulous, fun filled week!

good morning, sunshine!  how does it feel to be FIVE?!?!
(kitkats on his plate at 7:30ish am...mom o' year, remember?!)
the force is wiff us...in lots of tiny pieces, assembly required.
alright kiddo...get dressed & wash down those kitkats with some choc malted milk.  time for school & more "all about henro" day (wait...isn't that EVERY day?!)

very special lunch guest
cutie patooties, as mrs leeper calls 'em :)
"ready for my cupcake, mimi!!!"
boo boo fit right in with the pk4 crowd...
he found a place on the rug...
and even got in on some super secret scoop...huh?
his wish list is getting so ridonkulously long
"say FI!!!!!!!!!"
fanks for letting us take over this afternoon, mrs leeper & mr blake!!
the free amigos.
simmer down, boo boo.  your day is coming.
oh, how i LOVE this kid!!  wouldn't trade him for anything...not
even to run off with kenny chesney.  that's huge, people.  HUGE.
but that's not all, folks...there's more presents & more eating & more celebrating...wdb style.  stay tuned.


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