Sunday, August 15, 2010

school daze

can someone, anyone, please essplain what happened to summer?  once upon a time it lasted three months, but i swear july did NOT happen this year.  it was june, i blinked my eyes, and now it's the night before school starts.  so uncool, father time (the geezer is clearly in cahoots with mo' nature, that evil bish who apparently thinks "sauna" is an appropriate weather condition.  seriously.)

nonetheless, as my pint sized monster precious little angel sleeps soundly beside me on his first official "school night," i thought i'd take a stroll down em-ry lane and relive some cherished moments from his start o' school daze past...

pk3 or bust.  classroom visi-tay-tay day.  ready, teddy?
we came.  we saw.  we smiled.  A+ for henro.
packed & ready for first real day of school...
"day" being from the crack o' dawn (7:20am!) til 11:30am
milestone moment:  immediately after snapping this
pic i burst into tears leaving the playground.  true story.

on a related side note:  08.14.08 was not only henro's very first day of school, twas also the day he attended his very first concert.  true to my ridonkulous, always sometimes over the top nature, he experienced another first at the show...seats on the very first row!

super fans at the superdome

back to's 11:52pm on a school night.  GO TO BED, ME!

stay tuned for details from day one of prek-4...i'll try to remember to snap a few pics ;)


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