Tuesday, August 10, 2010

return to sender

henro's newest "thing" is a fascination with death.  awesome, huh?  just what i wanna deal with on top of the 6789304567 other items of nonsense on my mind these days.  now i've got a kid who, at any given moment & completely outta the blue, throws me zingers related to the grim reaper.

"do you have to take baths any more after you die?"

"can we all go together?  our whole family?"

"do you get to take all your toys with you?"

and on and on and on.  everything from what you can do "there" to questions about family members we've lost (yet he never knew!!) over the past several years.  freaky, creepy stuff.

lunatic that i am, i start wondering about theoretical sixth senses and whether my child is preparing either himself or me to deal with something tragic looming in our future.  though, at the moment, i feel a bit less paranoid.

after tonight's bath, the kiddo started randomly asking more who, what, where's related to the afterworld, and (yet again) i questioned his motives...

"because pop told me about elvis."

so there you have it.  wait, huh?

on a related note:  currently, henro's 2010 halloween costume frontrunner is the king.  ranked an extremely close second?  the king of pop.  both are his selections.  yes, really.


Blair said...

I feel the same way! When Charlotte started talking about "death" and when we will all die, I was so paranoid. Then Frances ran a fever, I thought, "Was that a sign?"

Terrible. I am ready for this stage to be OVER!

Betsy (zen-mama.com) said...

Hi Emily, Found you on twittermoms. Besides a writer, I'm also a preschool teacher and the death talk is totally normal. My son did it and lots of students do, too. Just normal curiosity. I'll continue looking through.

BTW I have three boys! (Yes, I'm automatcally going to heaven...not to talk more about death!) And I've made it through!! They are 19, 17 and 13.

Sofia said...

Your boy is so funny!!

Following you from MBC. Come visit and follow back!

Bizee Mama said...

Love it... it is interesting how little people seem to have some sort of connection with 'heaven'! My 4 year old is inquisitive about it as well... all my children at some point or another had been. We just need to answer them with enough information that they are content with.
Good Luck! :]
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~Bizee Mama
aka Kimberly

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