Tuesday, June 15, 2010

rip geoff

today's dose of toy story mayhem...

instead of productively maximizing my free time while henro was at camp, today i ventured to a rather large purveyor of children's playthings.  it seems "THE" toys have taken over, have quite possibly overthrown the rule of a certain iconic giraffe.

apparently, and contrary to popular belief, my child did not possess every imaginable woody & buzz related doohickey.  i've since remedied that issue just a smidgeon (please don't tell henro 'cause the goods are secretly stashed in momma's box o' bribes!).

anywho...as with every grocery & big box store in town, virtually the entire inventory is stamped with the TS3 logo. seriously, like i won't be surprised if they temporarily rename themselves "toy story r'us."  

cue mimi's millsaps induced obsession with grammar.

"toy story's us"

henro lightyear-john
(as in buzz-elton)


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