Tuesday, June 15, 2010

glory be

my friends never disappoint.  here are a few more little gems that were shared with me today...this chick-k-dee (aot, lol!) has TWIN boys who are about henro's age & definitely his personality type...i'll call 'em "M" and "B" to protect their not so innocence!  here goes... 

In the last 24 hours B has said things that make M's remarks look mild…yesterday at dinner we were discussing what we learned at VBS… I asked them what Miss Holly said the Bible was…I was prompting the boys and I said it starts with a T.. B blurts out "TIT."  (The hubs) and I couldn’t conceal our laughter…He has no clue what this word means.  

A little later M turns to me with his fork and says ”Mom, I am going to fork you.”  I’m sure the fact that this came after the tit comment made it much funnier to us. 

Today we are coming in the back door and I can hear a blower from a lawn maybe a couple lawns away.  Our next door neighbors are Brenda and Larry.  Larry works for the Baptist convention and Brenda ran their church preschool for years.  Salt of the earth people.  B stops at the back door and says “Mom, listen, Mr. Larry is screwing something.”

i can't begin to imagine life with henro times two...absofreakin' mindblowing, yet my sweet friend manages beautifully & somehow remains a sane, functioning member of society.  hats off to you, girlfriend!  please keep sharing ;)


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