Thursday, June 24, 2010


if you're a facebook friend, you're already well aware that today has been one of "those" days.  for you lucky souls who aren't subjected to my FB rants, here's a rough transcript...

8:03am - wake to iphone playing jacko's "don't stop til u get enough" (former ringtone...recently replaced by kenny's "summertime" for obvious reasons).  random tidbit of em-fo:  yes, my wakeup call is really set for 8:03am.  i'm a freak & funny about alarms going off on the fives or zeros.

8:03 to 8:47am - "henry, GET DRESSED!" spoken (perhaps holla'd) at least 58904738290 times.

8:57am - deliver child to AES for t-gator camp & THREE HOURS OF FREEDOM!! (sorry, didn't mean to yell)

9:07am - surprise visit to boo boo & ami.  kiddos are so ridonkulously essited, one spits up on mimi a couple times & the other wipes off all her kisses.  all in good fun...right, fi?!

9:47am - mimi begins online stakeout at 

10:00am - initiate operation "get amazing sugarland presale tickets"

10:09am - score!  "i ain't settlin"...and didn't.  fired up about our seats for august 7th.

10:11am - caravan (via cc's drivethru) to crawfish aquatics for observation of boo boo phelps' grand finale at swimming lessons.

10:30 to 11:30ish am - my godchild is a fish!!!!  proud audience member as i assist fi with momma-razzi duties.

~traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic, wwf, email checking, etc~

~think to myself, "today is off to a great start"...way to jinx yourself, mimi~

11:57am - retrieve child from AES.  it was superhero day, he was superman.  that's all the info i got.

12 oh something - broken egg for lunch.  sit with georgie & await arrival o' fi & the gang.  "celebrate good times, come on!" (wait, that's kool & the gang...focus, em!)  henro colors woody & buzz quietly until remaining members o' our party arrive.  boo boo receives his TS3 "prise" & channels inner picasso.  might this be a nice, calm, conflict free lunch?  nope.  cue all henro hell breaking loose.

i don't remember the time or what exactly happened next, and it probably wasn't as bad as i reacted.  all i remember is my blood pressure rising & a swift exit.  a crying, argumentative four & 3/4 year old is not cute & won't be tolerated.  so home we went.

the tide has since changed.  it seems pulling into our garage triggered some sort of spell that transformed the tearful monster back into the happy, fun, adorable henro i love so unconditionally.  
ding, ding, ding.  lightbulb.  aha! 

unconditional love.  that's gotta be the key & one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their rugrat(s).  plain & simple:  it's the reason we don't leave their little tails behind at restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls, etc, when the going gets tough, tearful and/or combative.

insanely random side note:  since i really shouldn't & clearly can't stop when i've had enough, perhaps i should rethink my music selection for wake up calls?  kinda sets a false tone for the day, dontcha fink?

video taken after all hell was recaptured


memolano said...

unconditional love and unlimited cuteness is what keeps us from eating our young. i'm convinced.

henro's momma said...

i concur.

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