Monday, June 7, 2010


not much enlightenment occurs between the old ears these seems most of my sensors stay wrapped up in attempts to either drown out or somehow process the mass of commotion that's continuously deposited by the kiddo.  then tonight happened.

mimi fielded a record-breaking talkathon with henro. out o' control to the nth degree.  accordingly, mimi frequently turned to cyberspace to share his nonsensical ramblings & express her frustrations with said motormouth.  incessant posting, it seemed.  cue "aha!" moment...

i am the online equivalent of my chatterbox child.  oh em gee.  yet + tree = THISCLOSE.

mimi, age 4ish
(rumor has it she was a chatterbox)


memolano said...

holy cow he really is your clone!

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