Thursday, August 11, 2011

act two

new year's resolution:  resume blog.  


lenten goal (in addition to other MUCH more lenten-appropriate promises):  resume blog.  

fail fail.

summer plan:  survive have fun with henro.  blog schmog.  (huh?)

success.  yay, me :)

enough messing around.  back to business.  butt in gear.  nose to the grind.  whatever...the vow is to spend at least an hour a week working to redeem myself and resume sharing way more details about my kiddo and our perspectives on this crazy world than anyone needs/cares/wants to know.  (luckily, to my knowledge, no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing the read.  just sayin'.)

being the busy lunatic i tend to be, one might wonder how the hay i plan to squeeze in blogging amidst the glamorously riveting life i lead.  easy peasy:  i'm gonna force myself to take much needed breaks from all my ironing, slaving over a hot stove, scrubbing bathrooms, cleaning baseboards and weeding flower beds.  you can stop laughing now.  seriously.  stop.

ok, so maybe since my last NOVEMBER (!!!)...i haven't become any more domesticated, but i have been going 4782937682907289067484950 mph doing lots of other stuff. and, while i still have lotsa stuff on my plate, i've decided to allocate a little "free" time on thursday nights to writing.  were i a mathlete, the equation might look something like this...

henro + little gym class = (mimi @ coffee or book shop) * one hour

stay tuned.  it's good to be back.


'NaturallyModernMama' said...

i can't wait to hear what kind of antics are goin' down at the little gym while you are bloggin'. PS: loved that cheetos would make his throat feel better.....

Blair said...

YAY!!!! I'm so essited! Can't wait. :)

Mary said...

Me too, so excited that you are back blogging. Love reading your stories.

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