Monday, November 1, 2010

blame it on the rain

bailey boo, my mom's my cocker spaniel who's lived with georgie & pop most of his 13 years, has been staying with us the past several weeks.  his extended visit initiated not long after our beloved bunkie moved much further north than cheneyville (rip, sweet boy), and henry has loved having a four-legged friend to terrorize play with at home, so i really have no complaints about our houseguest.  in fact, he's been lots of fun and, on numerous instances, kicks up the entertainment factor around here...

"hey, mom.  we're playing limbo."  seriously?
today's weather kept henro's blonde "brudder" stuck inside for most of the day, and early this evening my lil man discovered & reported to me that a lil accident (of the potty nature) had occurred in the sunroom...

"uh oh.  is it ok, mom?  do you need spray stuff?"

it's ok, it was just an accident & really wasn't his fault.  poor bailey boo was cooped up for a long time today because of the rain.  it's not his fault.

"so it was god's fault?"

technically, i suppose we could point fingers at our heavenly father & his friend mo'nature, but i didn't have the energy nor creativity to go there on such a terribly gloomy, halloween hangover of a day. not to mention, it's probably not best practice to lay blame on such powerful peeps.  


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