Sunday, March 28, 2010

in the beginning...

soooo...over the past couple months, several friends have suggested i start blogging about life with henry. it seems my facebook sharing  of "henro-isms" and many blatently honest "momma moments" provides entertainment to lotsa peeps outside o' my household. that's beyond crazy to me, but also quite reassuring to know my posts aren't driving anyone to call child protective services or the psych ward at lgmc. yet :)

please be patient as i figure out exactly what & how this whole blogging thing works. i've got plenty material to share, and hope it continues to provoke a few smiles & "i'm not alone in this" realizations out there. it's all the "troof" and verbatim as spoken from the mouth of my extremely talkative, curious, energetic, and adorable son (age 4 years + 7 months + 5 days as of "press time").

stay tuned. buckle up. enjoy the ride. consider yourself warned.
just sayin'


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